What are our community rules?

Sacriel, Shannon, the Mod Squad, and the whole of the 42nd strive to ensure our community is kept a welcoming, non-judgemental, and non-confrontational environment in which everyone is treated with respect.


Our rules are extensive but NOT comprehensive, the moderators are here to make those judgement calls in accordance to our philosophy – and no one is immune from these rules.

The moderators all share communications as a team so rest assured no moderator action goes without review – this also means moderators cannot be played off one another so please don’t try.

No Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Rape jokes or other hate-based speech. This offense we take seriously and may perma-ban without warning. Also, there is a difference between rude negativity on any topic and constructive opinions. Please be mindful of this, and act like a respectful adult. WE FOLLOW WHEATON’S LAW.
02. NEVER ask why you or another viewer were timed out in chat.
Simply read the chat rules during your timeout and when your timeout ends, continue chatting as if it never happened. It was just a few minutes. Don’t sweat it.
03. “I was just joking”
is not an excuse if you take a comment or question or insult too far. Further to this, saying “Kappa” doesn’t make being really rude or offensive ok.
04. All controversial topics are not appropriate here.
This is a place to chill, have a laugh, and be entertained. It’s our relaxing, happy place! It is NOT a place to discuss politics, war, moral issues, patriotism/anti-patriotism, religion, piracy, drugs, tragic or heated issues in the news, etc, or any argumentative and pointless topic (really, arguing in a gaming chat is the most pointless of pastimes). Further, ad block is NOT an appropriate topic – think about it.
05. Spoilers.
Posting any kind of spoiler (true, false or jokes) will get you timed out or banned depending on the severity of the spoiler.
06. Do not ask for or share server info
Sacriel doesn’t share it and would appreciate that even if you know the server he’s on, you also do not share it. Thanks!
07. English language
We love interacting with our viewers but we only speak English, so please try to keep conversations in English! This makes things manageable for our moderators. Thanks for understanding.
08. Please do not spam or type in all caps.
42ndBot lurks and automatically deletes all caps messages without warning and repeated abuse will earn you a timeout.
09. No arguing with the moderators.
At all. This includes being disrespectful in chat. The mods work hard and are diligent in enforcing these rules fairly across all of chat. If you have a problem, Whisper LordBoogzor.
10. No links allowed.
We only allow links of clips from Sacriels channel. Any other links are only for moderators and 42ndBot-verified chat regulars. The Mod team picks the regulars. Please don’t ask to be a regular.
11. No advertising anything.
(another channel, website, YouTube, etc) without direct permission from Sacriel or the mod team.
12. NO Stream sniping
(and extreme cases of stream stalking aka finding Sacriel in-game as a friendly) can be a bannable offence. When Sacriel does a subscriber event or invite people to tag along, that is when it is appropriate to join him in a game. Thank you for respecting this!
13. Do not beg/ask
for games or Twitch subscriptions to be gifted to you. Doing so will get your message removed from chat. Repeatedly asking will get you longer timeouts.


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