Livestream Subscription

My Livestream has a subscribe feature which helps support my channel and also Twitch.TV themselves for bringing this great site to us all for free. I jam-pack my channel full of perks for viewers who decide to subscribe and spend lots of time developing great features to make the stream more interactive and entertaining. Subscribers on Twitch are given a rank in the 42nd and the benefits that come with that rank.
You can also subscribe from here by clicking on the button below.

Twitch now offers benefits for Amazon Prime and Prime Video members in over 200 countries and territories including a free Twitch Subscription to a channel of your choice! *cough* Sub to Sacriel *cough* Need more info? Check this guide:


The 42nd loyalty badges are inspired by British medals of civilian merit, followed by ascending ranks toward knighthood (the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). In the UK, these ranks are awarded for notable contributions to culture. Similarly, I wish to honour how subscribers become pillars of our community.
New sub – Nickel emblem
3 months – Painted nickel emblem
6 months – Silver medal of merit
1 year – Gold medal of merit
2 years – Member of the Order of the British Empire medal (MBE)
3 years – Officer of the Order of the British Empire medal (OBE)
4 years – Commander of the Order of the British Empire medal (CBE)
5 years – Knight/Dame of the Order of the British Empire medal (KBE/DBE)
6 years – Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire medal (GBE)

More to come as we progress as a community!

PayPal Support

Many people ask if they can make direct PayPal gifts to help support my channel – I have a PayPal link on my page which allows you to help support me in this fashion. PayPal support are greatly appreciated and I show my gratitude to each person by giving them a rank in the 42nd and the benefits that come with that rank. If you do support live during the livestream your message will appear on screen for everybody to see, it will contain your message; your name and your 42nd rank (but will NOT display the amount you gifted unless you opt for this). The glorious 42nd in the livestream will throw up a wall of celebratory emoticons to celebrate your support. This is how it will look like:



  • If you subscribe on Twitch or send PayPal support, I consider you a ranking member of the 42nd. This means you immediately get a colored name in my chat reader and you are assigned a rank according to on your level of support. I spend a lot of my spare time finding ways to celebrate and reward the amazing generosity of the 42nd community – for example we have a community Discord which all ranking members of the 42nd can access. It is packed full of great members of the community who play games and watch the livestream together in the many rooms available. I can be frequently found on the community Twitch app where I jump from room to room chatting with the community talking about all kinds of things. I occasionally play games live on-stream with the people in their; who knows, you might end up on one of my YouTube videos or even become infamous for a crazy or awesome gaming session. There are many ranks in the 42nd, each comes with different benefits as my way of thanking you for your support. Any PayPal gifts given, as well as continuing your Twitch Subscription, stack up together towards your rank. All ranks gain access to the following benefits:
  • Access to the official 42nd community Discord!
  • Access to community events
  • Access to the quote-bot
  • My eternal gratitude

Everybody with an active Livestream subscription also receive these additional benefits (provided by Twitch):

  • Get your new Loyalty badge from the 42nd and your new rank!
  • Evolving loyalty badge next to your name in chat!
  • 120 bonus Tags per month!
  • Access to the official 42nd community Discord subscriber only room to play with other 42nd members! Special giveaways happen here!
  • Ability to receive an SMS text message whenever I go live!
  • Ability to use my 50 exclusive custom chat emoticons across the whole of Twitch.TV!
  • Ability to talk in Subscriber only chat (used during special events such as tournaments)!
  • Immunity to slow mode!