Welcome to the 42nd!

Who is Sacriel?

I am a YouTuber, Live-streamer and lifelong gamer...

In late 2012, I chose redundancy at an ISP where I worked for 6 years as a Product Manager in order to commit to growing my channel full-time. I wanted to take my gaming career more seriously but working every day meant there was not sufficient time to create enough content and satisfy my followers. I had saved a long time and used my life-savings to float me in this endeavor. Since then, my stream and the 42nd community behind it have grown exponentially.

I am blown away by the overwhelming support my viewers, moderators, fellow streamers, game developers, friends, and Shannon, my partner and community manager, have shown me over the years and I look forward to how far we can go together in the future. I couldn’t have made it this far without all of your support and I hope you continue to enjoy my stream, YouTube content, fun banter and the great people I surround myself with!

What is the 42nd?

I get this question a lot: what is the 42nd...?

A long time ago I made a YouTube account by the name of Sacriel42, originally I wanted Sacriel but it was already taken. I added 42 to the name inspired by Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. YouTube eventually redirected to but Sacriel42 remained my channel name.

Many years later I began live streaming which is a much more interactive medium and I was able to directly talk to livestream viewers. I quickly began to notice that I was being surrounded by a great and inspiring community and I wanted them to have a name, a title, something cool. As I predominantly play military games somebody took the “42” out of my youtube channel and said “42nd, like “the 42nd battalion.” The community named itself October 8th, 2012.

Over the next few weeks, my pages were all rebranded to reflect my respect and pride for the 42nd. Each day I grow prouder and prouder, they are the greatest online community, each day they blow me away with how funny, interactive, respectful, sincere, warm and welcoming, generous, hilarious and charming they are. It is commonly noticed in my channel that my chat is very calm, interactive and welcoming for a stream holding thousands of viewers and it’s extremely humbling to be part of such a great community.

Every day I get messages from various people in the 42nd who have situational, medical, physical or mental issues and they thank me for creating a place for them to enjoy gaming content and feel part of a group that doesn’t judge them. Every day I get tweets from around the world of people doing ‘the 42nd’ which is a hand sign which represents the community. The community is so strong that even Dean Hall, creator of DayZ, tweets out pictures of 42nds and even rocked the 42nd atop Mount Everest.

So that’s what the 42nd is, my extended family. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t want to do this job without them. I have an extensive moderator team which quickly grew to be great friends – close friends who I talk to everyday and have met in real life around the world – and we’ve worked together to help people in the community change their lives.

Gens una sumus. We are all one family.

Channel Currency

The points system (we call them “Tags”) allows you to earn rewards just by being a viewer...


Basically, the longer you watch the Twitch stream, the more Tags you earn (which you can see on the Tags extension on the Twitch channel and on our Tags site), which you can redeem for entry tickets to our monthly sponsored giveaways including $750 worth of Corsair gear (2 keyboards, 2 headsets, and 2 gaming mice), an Intel® Core™ i7 8700k Processor, as well as surprise bonus items! You can learn more about our sponsors here.

We roll all giveaways on the final day of each month (or the day prior if the final day is a day off – check the schedule).

To Earn Tags:

Most ways you earn Tags are ENTIRELY FREE! Your Tags will never expire, but tickets you redeem for with your Tags will expire after each monthly roll takes place. You earn Tags for watching and lurking on mobile, Xbox or PS4 app, but you must ensure you are logged in and connected to Twitch chat! You can see what your current Tags earning rate is on your Tags account page.

  • Tags are earned at a pace of 1 Tag for every 10 minutes of Sacriel’s stream you watch! Sacriel usually streams 200+ hours a month. That means you could earn as many as 1200 Tags or more, which is 20 entries, just by watching!
  • You will also earn 1 Tag per hour for lurking in the channel during offline hours.
  • Early bird Tags: for the first 30 minutes of every stream, you can earn x2 the Tags!
  • You can also earn more Tags by connecting your social media accounts! In order to earn these Tags even if you are already subscribed on YouTube and following Sacriel on Twitter, you will need to connect these accounts to the Tags page.
    • For every week you are subscribed to Sacriel’s Youtube page you earn 15 Tags. This means for one month of subscribing, you get 1 extra giveaway entry!
    • For every week you are following @Sacriel42 on Twitter you earn 15 Tags. This means for one month of following, you get 1 extra giveaway entry!
  • For every WEEK you are subscribed to Sacriel on Twitch, you earn an additional 60 Tags! Your subscriber bonus tags will be awarded to you on the same weekday you subscribed.
  • For every resubscription notification you share in chat, you’ll receive 60 Tags as well. That means you earn 120 bonus Tags total per month that you are subscribed!
  • If you gift a subscription to a fellow viewer you will earn 30 tags as a thank you! The person receiving the subscription will get 60 tags as a new subscriber.

To Enter The Giveaways:

Simply scroll down and see our Tags extension below the video screen, click “Grant Permissions” (which simply connects your Twitch account to our Tags counting back end) and then select whichever giveaway you wish to enter and click “Redeem”! All ticket purchases are final and cannot be refunded.

If you’d like to see more details on your Tags, then you can log in to our main Tags site where you can also redeem your Tags. When joining the Tags page click the purple Connect to Twitch button to link your Twitch account.

On the Tags page, your available Tags will be visible next to the current Giveaways, reload the page to get a fresh number (see below how to earn tags).

The total number of entries you have for each item will be displayed on the details page.

Extra info on the giveaways:

  1. The Corsair and Intel giveaways are global.
  2. For the Corsair giveaways, you can buy up to 10 tickets per item, per month. The Intel HUGEaway for an Intel i8700k processor requires 260 Tags to enter, and can only be entered once per person per month.
  3. If you win, you will be contacted via email for your shipping details and you must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize or we will roll again!
  4. All ticket purchases are final and can not be refunded.

Note: Sacriel Entertainment is the promoter of all competitions on the Tags system.

Subscribing and tips support

My Livestream has a subscribe feature which helps support my channel and also Twitch.TV themselves for bringing this great site to us all for free...

I jam-pack my channel full of perks for viewers who decide to subscribe and spend lots of time developing great features to make the stream more interactive and entertaining. Subscribers on Twitch are given a rank in the 42nd and the benefits that come with that rank.

You can also subscribe from here by clicking on the button below.

Perks of supporting me:

  • If you subscribe on Twitch or send PayPal support, I consider you a ranking member of the 42nd. This means you immediately get a colored name in my chat reader and you are assigned a rank according to on your level of support. I spend a lot of my spare time finding ways to celebrate and reward the amazing generosity of the 42nd community – for example we have a community Discord which all ranking members of the 42nd can access. It is packed full of great members of the community who play games and watch the livestream together in the many rooms available.
  • There are many ranks in the 42nd, each comes with different benefits as my way of thanking you for your support. Any PayPal gifts given, as well as continuing your Twitch Subscription, stack up together towards your rank. All ranks gain access to the following benefits:
  • Access to the official 42nd community Discord!
  • Access to community events
  • Access to the quote-bot
  • My eternal gratitude

Everybody with an active Livestream subscription also receive these additional benefits (provided by Twitch):

  • Get your new Loyalty badge from the 42nd and your new rank!
  • Evolving loyalty badge next to your name in chat!
  • 120 bonus Tags per month!
  • Access to the official 42nd community Discord subscriber only room to play with other 42ndmembers! Special giveaways happen here!
  • Ability to receive an SMS text message whenever I go live!
  • Ability to use my 50 exclusive custom chat emoticons across the whole of Twitch.TV!
  • Ability to talk in Subscriber only chat (used during special events such as tournaments)!
  • Immunity to slow mode!

Amazon Prime:

Twitch offers benefits for Amazon Prime and Prime Video members in over 200 countries and territories including a free Twitch Subscription to a channel of your choice! *cough* Sub to Sacriel *cough* Need more info? Check this guide:


The 42nd loyalty badges are inspired by British medals of civilian merit, followed by ascending ranks toward knighthood (the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). In the UK, these ranks are awarded for notable contributions to culture. Similarly, I wish to honour how subscribers become pillars of our community.

PAYPAL Support:

Many people ask if they can make direct PayPal gifts to help support my channel – I have a PayPal link on my page which allows you to help support me in this fashion. PayPal support are greatly appreciated and I show my gratitude to each person by giving them a rank in the 42nd and the benefits that come with that rank. If you do support live during the livestream your message will appear on screen for everybody to see, it will contain your message; your name and your 42nd rank (but will NOT display the amount you gifted unless you opt for this). The glorious 42nd in the livestream will throw up a wall of celebratory emoticons to celebrate your support.

Support with bits!

We’ve added the option to play custom sounds when using bits on Sacriel’s channel
To activate a sound do a cheer with a minimum of 500 cheers and insert the code for the cheer you want anywhere in the message. You can now also use the sounds from the tip system. You can only play one sound at a time.

Here is a couple of examples, one to play the police siren , one to play the Duel of Fates music and one to play the England sound from the tip page.
cheer500 Your stream is so good the [police] is on its way.
cheer200 [duelfates] This is the best music from Star Wars. cheer300
Hello from England! [ENG] cheer500


Cheers Code Sound
500 [emetsupport] EMET from Evolve referring people to
500 [police] Police Siren.
500 [heartbeat] Heart beat sound.
500 [carcrash] The sound of a crashing car.
500 [a10] The sound of an A-10 Warthog doing a strafing run.
500 [shame] Shame shame shame shame (From Game of Thrones)
500 [benny] Benny Hill theme music
500 [cantina] Star Wars cantina music
500 [duelfates] The Duel of Fates music from Star Wars Ep 1
500 [empiremusic] The theme of the Empire from Star Wars
500 [christmasjingle] A Christmas jingle sound
500 [gangstamusic] A mix tape blast of 90’s hip hop
500 [guy] GUY GUY GUY sound
500 [jim] Jim Raynor welcoming people to the 42nd
500 [lametrain] My stupid “choo choo” sound
500 [train] The sound of a train chugging away on train tracks
500 [mgsalert] The tense alert music from MGS when being chased
500 [mgsstrongman] A quote from Solid Snake about strong men making their own fortune
500 [newsub] David Hayter/Solid Snake welcoming people to the 42nd
500 [resub] David Hayter/Solid Snake welcoming back a resub
500 [vip] David Hayter/Solid Snake welcoming back a long time subscriber
500 [nemomine] MINE MINE MINE MINE Seagulls from Finding Nemo
500 [posh] A little burst of posh English music
500 [teamamerica] Team America theme
500 [xfiles] The X-Files theme
500 [johncena] The John Cena sound
500 [letsgetiton] Lets get it on by Marvin Gaye
500 [badjurassic] Terrible melodic version of the Jurassic Park theme
500 [badmario] Terrible melodic version of the Mario theme
500 [badrocky] Terrible melodic version of the Rocky theme
500 [badsandstorm] Terrible melodic version of Darude – Sandstorm
500 [wildwest] A wild west theme tune from a Western movie
500 [predator] The Predator sound made by LordBoogzor
500 [tea] Sacriel the gangster asking for tea
500 [fat] Conor McGregor calls someone a fat bitch
500 [beans] A player in DayZ got excited about beans.
500 [fadeaway] Sacriel reacts to a nice fade away shot.
500 [tetris] The Tetris theme.

You can also use our optional animated Cheermotes:

Cheers Code Emote
1 sacCheer1
100 sacCheer100
1000 sacCheer1000
5000 sacCheer5000
10000 sacCheer10000

Sacriel’s Streaming Schedule

Live 12pm (GMT) UK time 6 days a week for 8+ hours a day...!

Check Twitter for updates to the schedule!

Twitch Channel Rules

Why we have rules and why they matter to us...

Sacriel, ShannonZKiller, the Mod Squad, and the whole of the 42nd strive to ensure that this chat and all connected places of conversation (Discord App, etc) are kept a welcoming, non-judgemental, and non-confrontational environment in which everyone is treated with respect, regardless of any characteristic or credence. Our rules are detailed to the best of our ability out of consideration for all chatters, to inform you all and avoid as much confusion as possible. They are extensive but NOT comprehensive – and no one is immune from these rules. We are all held accountable. Gens Una Sumus. We are all one family.

  • Respect EVERYONE and KEEP IT CLASSY! No Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Rape jokes or other hate-based speech. This offense we take seriously and may perma-ban without warning. Also, there is a difference between rude negativity on any topic and constructive opinions. Please be mindful of this, and act like a gentleman/lady. WE FOLLOW WHEATON’S LAW.
  • NEVER ask why you or another viewer were timed out in chat. Simply read the chat rules during your timeout and when your timeout ends, continue chatting as if it never happened. It was just a few minutes. It ain’t no thang.
  • “I was just joking” is not an excuse if you take a comment or question or insult too far. Further to this, saying “Kappa” doesn’t make being really rude or offensive ok.
  • All controversial topics are not appropriate here. This is a place to chill, have a laugh, and be entertained. It’s our positive, happy place! It is NOT a place to discuss politics, war, moral issues, patriotism/anti-patriotism, religion, piracy, drugs, tragic or heated issues in the news, etc, or any argumentative and pointless topic (really, arguing in a gaming chat is the most pointless of pastimes). Further, ad block is NOT an appropriate topic – any promotion of things that undermine Sacriel’s livelihood are not welcome.
  • Spoilers. Posting any kind of spoiler (true, false or jokes) will get you timed out or banned depending on the severity of the spoiler.
  • Do not ask for or share server info. Sacriel doesn’t share it and would appreciate that even if you know the server he’s on, you also do not share it. Thanks!
  • English language We love interacting with our viewers but we only speak English, so please try to keep conversations in English! Thanks for understanding.
  • Please do not spam or type in all caps. 42ndBot lurks and automatically deletes all caps messages without warning and repeated abuse will earn you a timeout.
  • No arguing with the moderators. At all. This includes being disrespectful in chat. The mods work hard and are diligent in enforcing these rules fairly across all of chat. If you have a problem, Whisper LordBoogzor.
  • No links allowed. We only allow links of clips from Sacriels channel. Any other links are only for moderators and 42ndBot-verified chat regulars. The Mod team picks the regulars. Please don’t ask to be a regular.
  • No advertising anything (another channel, website, YouTube, etc) without direct permission from Sacriel or the mod team.
  • Stream sniping (and extreme cases of stream stalking aka finding me in-game as a friendly) can be a bannable offence. When Sacriel does a subscriber event or invite people to tag along, that is when it is appropriate to join him in a game. Thank you for respecting this!
  • Do not beg/ask for games or Twitch subscriptions to be gifted to you. Doing so will get your message removed from chat. Repeatedly asking will get you longer timeouts.

Looking to request a ban appeal? If you wish to appeal a ban you may do so by sending an email to Include your Twitch username and explain why you believe you should be unbanned. All appeals decisions are final. Thanks for understanding!


As a lifelong PC gamer, I am proud to work with the best companies in PC gaming...

I am truly grateful for all your support as it’s made so large and strong a community that we are able to work with such amazing companies this closely. I’ve used and trusted these brands for many years and highly recommend them. You can see what items I use here: PC Specs. If you are interested in sponsoring Sacriel send him an email at

These sponsorships also provide awesome monthly giveaways for you! Learn more about how our giveaways work here: Giveaways.

Sacriel has teamed up with powerhouse Intel to ensure the best gaming experience possible. Intel provide i7 processors for our monthly giveaways!

Sacriel has partnered up with CORSAIR, which produces high quality computer hardware and peripherals. CORSAIR generously provide peripherals for giveaways each month!


Elgato has joined the wonderful lineup of sponsors! Sacriel has used the Elgato streaming tools since they first launched and is proud to work with them officially! Check out Elgato’s streaming and recording solutions here:


What’s that cool effect? It’s the GoXLR by TC Helicon! Sacriel is proudly sponsored by TC Helicon!
Check it out for yourself:




Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions...

PC Specs and Streaming setup

PC specs...

Powered by: Intel, CORSAIR, Elgato and ViewSonic!
GET 10% OFF WITH CODE: SACRIEL on Corsair and Elgato products!

PC Specs:
 Built by 8-Pack via Overclockers UK

Audio setup:



Mini Fridge:

  • Shout-out to Red Bull for providing the Red Bull mini fridge!


  • PlayStation 4 PRO

Office Tour!

*Sacriel is using RDFG as his movement keys in most games so he can have access to more keys to the left on the keyboard.

Social Media!


Join Sacriel's Discord server...