Cheer with Bits


We’ve added the option to play custom sounds when using bits on Sacriel’s channel. To activate a sound do a cheer with a minimum of 500 cheers and insert the code for the cheer you want anywhere in the message. You can now also use the sounds from the tip system. You can only play one sound at a time.

Here is a couple of examples, one to play the police siren , one to play the Duel of Fates music and one to play the England sound from the tip page.
cheer500 Your stream is so good the [police] is on its way.
cheer200 [duelfates] This is the best music from Star Wars. cheer300
Hello from England! [ENG] cheer500

Cheers Code Description Sound
500[56k]Sac is a modem
500[a10]The sound of an A-10 Warthog doing a strafing run.
500[badjurassic]Terrible melodic version of the Jurassic Park theme
500[badmario]Terrible melodic version of the Mario theme
500[badrocky]Terrible melodic version of the Rocky theme
500[badsandstorm]Terrible melodic version of Darude – Sandstorm
500[badtitanic]Terrible melodic version of the Titanic song
500[bagayaga]They call him Baba Yaga
500[balls]Sound clicp from Escape from Tarkov
500[beans]A player in DayZ got excited about beans.
500[benny]Benny Hill theme music
500[blasting]So anyway I started blasting meme.
500[btch]Shannon says bbbbbtttttttcccccccchhhhhh
500[cantina]Star Wars cantina music
500[carcrash]The sound of a crashing car.
500[christmasjingle]A Christmas jingle sound
500[coffee]Chris does not like Coffee
500[crumbles]That the way the goat crumbles
500[duelfates]The Duel of Fates music from Star Wars Ep 1
500[emetsupport]EMET from Evolve referring people to
500[empiremusic]The theme of the Empire from Star Wars
500[exterm]Break saying Exterminate with a broken mic.
500[fadeaway]Sacriel reacts to a nice fade away shot.
500[fat]Conor McGregor calls someone a fat bitch
500[gangstamusic]A mix tape blast of 90's hip hop
500[guy]GUY GUY GUY sound
500[happybday]A Happy birthday song
500[heartbeat]Heart beat sound.
500[jim]Jim Raynor welcoming people to the 42nd
500[johncena]The John Cena sound
500[kom]Dont fuck with the Knights of Mercy
500[lametrain]My stupid "choo choo" sound
500[letsgetiton]Lets get it on by Marvin Gaye
500[mgsalert]The tense alert music from MGS when being chased
500[mgsstrongman]A quote from Solid Snake about strong men making their own fortune
500[nemomine]MINE MINE MINE MINE Seagulls from Finding Nemo
500[nikita_grenade]Nikita talks about Grenades
500[nikita_innovative]Nikita is innovative
500[nikita_queue]Nikita has as much problem saying Queue as it is to spell
500[nikita_scopes]Nikita thinks this scope ROCKS
500[nikita_ttie]Nikita will we we will we weeeee willl wllelwlelw
500[police]Police Siren.
500[posh]A little burst of posh English music
500[predator]The Predator sound made by LordBoogzor
500[reshala]RESHAAAAAAALA you cretin
500[scream]The Wilhelm scream
500[shakira]Shakira blblblbllblblblblb's
500[shame]Shame shame shame shame (From Game of Thrones)
500[sir]What is happenin sir?
500[smithy]Hello my name is Smithy and I.....
500[sorry]Upsidedown apology from A Fish called Wanda.
500[succulent]What is the charge? A succulent Chinese meal
500[tea]Sacriel the gangster asking for tea
500[teamamerica]Team America theme
500[tetris]The Tetris theme.
500[train]The sound of a train chugging away on train tracks
500[vip]David Hayter/Solid Snake welcoming back a long time subscriber
500[xfiles]The X-Files theme

You can also use our optional animated Cheermotes:

Cheers Code Emote
1 sacCheer1
100 sacCheer100
1000 sacCheer1000
5000 sacCheer5000
10000 sacCheer10000