As a lifelong PC gamer, I am proud to work with the best companies in PC gaming. I am truly grateful for all your support as it’s made so large and strong a community that we are able to work with such amazing companies this closely. I’ve used and trusted these brands for many years and highly recommend them. You can see what items I use here: PC Specs. If you are interested in sponsoring Sacriel send him an email at [email protected]

These sponsorships also provide awesome monthly giveaways for you! Learn more about how our giveaways work here: Giveaways.

Sacriel has teamed up with powerhouse Intel to ensure the best gaming experience possible. Intel provide i7 processors for our monthly giveaways! http://intel.co.uk/gaming

Sacriel has partnered up with CORSAIR, which produces high quality computer hardware and peripherals. CORSAIR generously provide peripherals for giveaways each month! http://www.corsair.com/


Elgato has joined the wonderful lineup of sponsors! Sacriel has used the Elgato streaming tools since they first launched and is proud to work with them officially! Check out Elgato’s streaming and recording solutions here: https://www.elgato.com/en


What’s that cool effect? It’s the GoXLR by TC Helicon! Sacriel is proudly sponsored by TC Helicon!
Check it out for yourself: http://smarturl.it/sacrielgoxlr